Woman of Wilson: Tina Brady

Wilson Post: The past 12 months have been simply dazzling for Tina Brady.

The former reality television housewife sent her daughter, Mia, off to college in the Windy City, watched her son, Rush, marry his sweetheart in October, and this month will celebrate the one-year anniversary of launching her jewelry collection, Music City Bling.

Brady worked on the project for two years before launching in May 2014. Preparation included refining designs and locating manufacturers and suppliers. Once the designs were complete, Brady hosted a soiree to unveil the collection of statement necklaces, earrings and bracelets at her home.

A year later, she is thrilled to celebrate the milestone and looks forward to expanding into other fashion avenues.

"I'm having a blast with it and the most fun part - besides creating - is getting to wear sparkle every day," she said. "I also have contests on my official Facebook page and love sharing my bling."

A producer from the Bravo network recently contacted Brady about doing a few jewelry designs to air on an upcoming show.

"I am stoked," Brady said, adding that creating a shoe line would be a dream. "My favorite shoe designer is Giuseppe Zanotti."

Brady designed a special necklace to be presented to Woman of Wilson Luncheon keynote speaker singer Lorrie Morgan on Wednesday. The luncheon is hosted by The Wilson Post and sponsored by University Medical Center.

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